Lamb and Beef plate


Went to SOMA Streat Food Park with some friends today and got a lamb and beef plate with rice. I highly recommend it.

I tend to not mix everything together and eat mainly because I like the taste of each separate item. I’m not averse to mixing it together, but I think it’s just a combination of being damn hungry and laziness. Well, way more hungry.

The beef and lamb were nice and tender and chewy with a nice Mediterranean flavor. The pita seemed nice and fresh and easy to tear up. The was cooked right, tasty, and a bit buttery. The salad had a little too much fresh tomato taste but was spiced just right.

I don’t know if they are there everyday but check out (Click on Schedule, if this link gets wonky) to check out the park’s daily schedule. If Gyro On Wheels is there, give them a shot.

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