Anker Soundcore 2

I purchased a bluetooth shower speaker from the Mashable shop for about $20. There was a suction cup on the back but it had a proprietary charger and a battery life around 4 hours. After the fifth time the battery died, the proprietary charger wouldn’t keep a stable connection anymore. Then, I was on a […]

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random discourse

I play video games. On the Xbox 360. Usually Call of Duty. So, yeah, there’s going to be a lot of trash talking and misogynistic language (None of this is new). Luckily, there’s an All-Mute function so that eliminates all the chatter. So, trolling, at least on my end, happens a lot less. Trolls can still […]

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Mobile Updates…

Mainly about vague software updates in general. This is also a Rant at 3 in the morning so it may make little sense. Let me preface this rant with the fact that I like my Motorola Atrix 4G phone. You can read the tech specs of it here if you wish. I got it over a year […]

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Which to Drink?

The Mac kool-aid? Or the Windows RC Cola now with Nutrasweet? Caveat: This is an uneducated, beligerent, deeply subjective rant containing half-baked theories. Nothing more. Now get the fuck off my back. Here’s a quote that I read in Mac|Life magazine that kinda set me off on this fun bit of this harangue of vitriol: […]

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My office is right on a wharf and on the other side of it there is a parking lot where there are a couple of seagulls attempting to open up what seems to be a clam or a can of some sort. They fly high and drop it onto the pavement. So far it hasn’t […]

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A bunch of friends and I are down in Disneyland during the Easter weekend, though we are just going for one day. Which kinda blows. We a staying at Staybridge Suites in Anaheim, nice little place and I got to park near the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. At 3 AM. Woke up around 8 and now […]

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