random discourse

Trollface - knowyourmeme.comI play video games. On the Xbox 360. Usually Call of Duty. So, yeah, there’s going to be a lot of trash talking and misogynistic language (None of this is new). Luckily, there’s an All-Mute function so that eliminates all the chatter. So, trolling, at least on my end, happens a lot less. Trolls can still send you texts via the 360’s communications platform. I don’t get much communique outside of someone’s voice message with the usual attempt to recruit anyone for their clan. The few trolling ones I get, I read, sometimes laugh and always block.

Lately, I’ve been getting angry texts to stop using components in the game. Which I find hilarious for two reasons:

  1.      It’s a bloody game.
  2.      The components are provided by the game.

So, I’m genuinely curious as to why some people get so riled up over the use of readily available components in a first person shooter. Is it some sort of misguided honor system? Possibly. A flawed view of playing styles? Could be. Getting killed a lot by someone using said components? Most likely.

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