Which to Drink?

The Mac kool-aid? Or the Windows RC Cola now with Nutrasweet?

Caveat: This is an uneducated, beligerent, deeply subjective rant containing half-baked theories. Nothing more. Now get the fuck off my back.

Here’s a quote that I read in Mac|Life magazine that kinda set me off on this fun bit of this harangue of vitriol:

A true Mac geek is secure in the knowledge that he or she has chosen.

This makes me very happy that I am not a true Mac geek. This type of ego can only be rivaled with the likes of some quacks like Tom Cruise or Steve Ballmer. Of course you could substitute “Mac” with just about any other noun like: Sony.

I started this rant a year ago and forgot what my point was. (happens often) I guess it boils down to the fact that I can’t stand fanboys in general. grumpy bastard that I am.

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