Let’s Play: What’s That Smell!

Usually, you have to get out of the house because you need to: run some errands, go to the store, go to the bank, meet some friends for drinks, go to work, go to a nice restaurant, see a movie, head to the beach, exercise, take kids to school, practice, etc. I had to leave […]

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The Bullet Vanishes

A friend clued me into San Francisco Film Society’s Hong Kong Cinema¬†on the weekend of Sept. 21-23. Which is something I plan on attending. I liked The Bullet Vanishes. It’s kind of a Chinese Sherlock Holmes with no real Dr. Watson. I recommend it. And when I get more sleep, I will give it a […]

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Blanket Octopus…?

Saw this weird, beautiful creature over on Brian Lam’s site, The Scuttlefish. It’s called the Blanket Octopus. The most information I could find on the web with my 10 minute attention span is at Tree of Life Web Project: Blanket Octopus. Anyway, check out The Scuttlefish, he has a youtube clip of this amazing octopus […]

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