Blanket Octopus…?

Blanket Octopus
Blanket Octopus, photo from

Saw this weird, beautiful creature over on Brian Lam’s site, The Scuttlefish. It’s called the Blanket Octopus.

The most information I could find on the web with my 10 minute attention span is at Tree of Life Web Project: Blanket Octopus.

Anyway, check out The Scuttlefish, he has a youtube clip of this amazing octopus in action. (the first 50 seconds)

Lam also has a interesting website called The Wirecutter which is really a recommendation site for tech gadgets and gear. He and his friends have done a lot of research, a lot of it hands on, to come up with what they feel is the best tech for whatever you’re looking for. I would still pick a T430 over a mac book pro and an android phone over iPhone 4s but that’s just me. Interesting stuff and I agree with most of it. Check it out.

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