Which to Drink?

The Mac kool-aid? Or the Windows RC Cola now with Nutrasweet? Caveat: This is an uneducated, beligerent, deeply subjective rant containing half-baked theories. Nothing more. Now get the fuck off my back. Here’s a quote that I read in Mac|Life magazine that kinda set me off on this fun bit of this harangue of vitriol: […]

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Snake in a Vest!

Some friends of mine are putting together a podcast. It’s got some of their music mood of the moment, hate/love of the week, and some generally goofy, funny shit. *caution: Explicit content. So if you’re a weenie, don’t listen. Check ’em out at: Snake in a Vest I had a little bit of a hard […]

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Mac and me…

I’ve spent a better part of a week attempting switch from my work IBM laptop to a MacBook Pro (MBP). I would prefer to stay with my solid and trusty T60 but what I want to do and whom I want to work with is decidedly a Mac world. At least at the moment. But […]

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