Mac and me…

I’ve spent a better part of a week attempting switch from my work IBM laptop to a MacBook Pro (MBP). I would prefer to stay with my solid and trusty T60 but what I want to do and whom I want to work with is decidedly a Mac world. At least at the moment. But also it gives me the chance to tinker inside the Macs considering

Thankfully with Fusion, from the VMware guys, I can still use Win XP Pro. In fact some people I’ve heard, who’ve made the “switch”, are using almost exclusively, XP on their MBPs. Well, I’ll try to avoid that trap. not sure how successful I will be though.

This thing gets feaking hot. I mean hot! This isn’t really a laptop, more of a desktop replacement device. Which kinda sucks cause I’d like to use it like I do my IBM/Lenovo R61i; on my lap, in the park or at a coffee shop on the couch.

The keyboard is okay. The feedback of the keys is little if not there at all. It’s like hitting chiclets on a foam pad.It does an alright job, though I can tell why people get carpel tunnel using this.

I think the touch pad may be my biggest issue. It’s nice that you can do multi-touch but the sensitivity range from hyper to none during a scrolling sessions and mousing and clicking.

More later…

UPDATE: When you’re in a webpage on a MacBook Pro (Safari or Firefox) and you have to fill out fields, how come it doesn’t select a button when you tab down??

PS UPDATE: So, in the Universal Access, under System Preferences you can click on Keyboard Shortcuts and then click on the “Open Keyboard Preferences…” and change the radio button “Text boxes and lists only” to “All controls” and this will allow you to tab into things like pull down menus and buttons.

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