Mr. Rooter Mural

Roto Rooter MuralThis one time convenience or hardware store has been dilapidated and marked with graffiti for many long years. someone took it upon themselves to cover up the graffiti and put up  a massive mural instead. There aren’t any publicly known plans as to what will happen to the building but at least it doesn’t look like and eyesore anymore and it’s a vibrant, cheery mural.

Mr. Rooter Mural - Front View

Mr. Rooter Mural - Betta FishEither these are Betta or Koi fish.

Mr. Rooter Mural - Pipes and Sailboat

Mr. Rooter Mural - Bunny

Mr. Rooter Mural - No Parking Sign, Tree

The hand written “No Parking” sign kinda detracts from the beautiful tree.

Mr. Rooter Mural

Tried to get a closer picture without the cars in the way.

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